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WoT - Aiming Equipment comparator

Posted on 2019-04-07 19:23

Hello there!
Few days ago I had an argument with one unicum boi, whether Ventillation is better than Gun Laying Drive.

I tried to find some data in net, but it was always inaccurate, like here:

What the hell is this? What kind of time, why is this in %, why are there lines instead of exponential decay curves... Only VStab and GLD, no vents... So many questions, so little answers.

Therefore I decided to write a comparator between different setups using Chart.js and formulas from WoT Wiki.

You can check it out here.

How it works:
After clicking MENU button in upper left corner, you can insert any parameters, like dispersion (eg. after shot, movement or rotation), aiming time, maximal accuracy, commander & gunner base skills, food, BiA and time axis scale. You can take these parameters by opening gun's info in WoT or from external websites like Always use base values, not those enchanced by crew skills.
After every change of parameters the "share url" field is updated, so you can send one to your friends somebody.
Click the ✓ sign or anywhere outside of the menu to apply changes and generate new chart.

If you wish, you can turn off some lines by clicking buttons in Legend.

Chart shows you size of aiming circle depending on time, with different module setups (power set of {Vents, GLD, VStab}).
Of course, the smaller the value is, the better, but remember that Vertical Stabiliser cannot be mounted on some vehicles.

That's all for today! Thanks and cya o7

P.S. Soon I will prepare a detailed comparison for different type of tanks.