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Minecraft tutorial - cooked chicken farm

Posted on 2019-02-22 16:13

Hello there!
I was wondering what to do with whole double chest of eggs, so I designed a full-auto cooked chicken farm! This is the best version: most compact, lag-safe, no losses, frequent chicken killing.

Required materials:
redstone_torch x1
comparator x1
repeater x2
redstone x3

observer_front x1
hopper x2
dispenser_front x2

Chest x1
lava_bucket x1
sand x1
cactus_side x1
Any slab/half-block x1
oak_trapdoor x2
cobblestone (any redstone-conducting block) x4
glass (block) x6

Required space: 6x5x4

Required space:

1st layer:
Place sand and chest with hopper (pointing to chest).

2nd layer:
Place slab, dispenser (facing slab), hopper (facing dispenser) and blocks. Place comparator facing out of dispenser, repeaters facing to hopper and to block. Place redstone, cactus, glass and trapdoor.

3rd layer:
Place observer (facing cactus) and block with redstone torch. Place dispenser (facing slab). Place glass and trapdoor. Spawn chickens (/summon, eggs, breeding, etc.)

4th layer:
Cover torch with block and put redstone. Cover chickens. Put lava bucket into second dispenser.

How it works:
Chickens standing on hopper produce eggs. These eggs go to dispenser and are automatically thrown onto slab, some of them spawn chickens. Empty dispenser makes no sound, as the "clock" is turned off. Every time the cactus grows, it breaks, and observer triggers burning-out torch, which triggers lava dispenser even number of times. Lava burns chickens, cooked meat and feathers go through hopper to chest, where they can be collected.

That's all, I hope you like it and find it useful!