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WoT - Panhard EBR 75 review

Posted on 2018-12-26 13:29

Hello boiz! 😉
Thanks to Community Contributor _Patrol I was able to test this first ever wheeled vehicle for a week.

Panhard EBR 75 - equipment, crew, ammo, consumables
You can see crew, equipment, ammo loadout and consumables.

First of all, (dis)advantages:

+ 80km/h and 38HP/t in rapid mode, both forward & backward
+ quite good traverse and handbrake turn when going fullspeed
+ 70°/s turret rotation
+ 1300m/s APCR as standard ammo
+ 1.5s intra-clip reload
+ 1.15s aim time (almost instantly fully aimed)
+ 75mm HE penetration, 2x260dmg
+ 8° gun depression

- 310m viewrange, no binocs allowed
- 1780 DPM
- 12° gun elevation
- as big as barn, easily hit by snipers
- gets rekt by sky cancer
- very slow with wheels destroyed (clickers can take out all 8 with one shot, resulting in 1km/h drive)
- cannot turn in place, and turns slowly as hell

Secondly, statistics:
(Blue line shows daily stats, gray line shows average stats after that day)

Spots per battle:

Damage per battle:


As you can see, teams went full retarded in last two days. That lowered not only WR, but also other stats, like DPB. And I wasn't able to get 2 MoE too.
1st MoE

Using BC 12t expected values, my best avg WN8 was  2840 . At the end it dropped to  2640 .
When this tank receives its own expected values, it will probably differ a bit.

Best replays:
6th battle - 1st class, nice save.
11th battle - Ace Tanker & 9.9k assist, best assist on wotreplays in this tank.
70th battle - Ace Tanker, 1st MoE & 5.8k cmb.
94th battle - 6k spot.

This tank is extremely fun to play, when everything goes right. But then enemies with 0.44 accuracy start to nail you while going 80km/h and you can only cry. Use climbs/boosts as much as you want, but it requires knowledge, skill and practice. A lot of assist can be scored only on Prokhorovka; some other maps are playable and on the rest you have to do damage.

Personally I discourage to buy it, unless WG decides to buff it.

Salut o7