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WoT - MoE image generator #16

Posted on 2020-03-27 19:04

I've added some new tanks to the generator:

Tank 60225

Char Futur 4:
Tank 60481

And a lot of Frontline rentals, but they are useless here.

The big update is coming, but not yet ready to go live.
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Tiny update

Posted on 2020-02-11 22:27

1. As 179 of You may have noticed, the MoE Generator was down for some time. I didn't see that it still uses the "millis" function, which I removed while cleaning the site. I'm really sorry for that.
2. I am preparing something big for Minecraft, but it needs a bit of work yet. Not gonna spoil any details! 😉
3. MoE Generator is scheduled for recoding in the nearest (few years maybe 😅) future.
4. More tiny changes and enchancements of entire website are coming soon, too.
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WoT - MoE image generator #16

Posted on 2020-02-05 16:03

New double-barrelled rashan tonks have been added to the generator! One german premium/special too...

Tank 22273

Tank 22785

Tank 22529

Kpz 50 t:
Tank 47121
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WoT - Calendar of monthly events (Feb 20) & Big Update

Posted on 2020-02-03 13:51

Hello there!
Events for February have been added!

I also created a big-A$$ automatic updater, so when WG adds any game-related news to the worldofdanks website, my Calendar should automatically add an event, or update existing one (if dates are correct and content - similar).
Can't guarantee that the system works perfectly, so for now it will be put to test.

I changed the fonts a bit and added Tooltip if there are too many offers to show; just hover your cursor above the "& X more..." to view it:
Offers in tooltip

That's all for today, thanks and bye!
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WoT - Calendar of monthly events (Jan 20)

Posted on 2020-01-01 15:49

Happy New Year!

Calendar of events for January is available!
XP bonuses,
Crew Bootcamp,
Cooling Down,
and more.
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