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WoT - MoE image generator #17

Posted on 2020-04-26 15:28

Hello! MoE generator has been updated!

Tank 6481

Tank 2049

Tank 16209

Т-44-100 (К):
Tank 46081

Tank 31233

Crusader retiered to VI:
Crusader reclassed to LT:
Tank 2129

T54E1 reclassed to HT:
Tank 15393

KV-1S retiered to VI:
Tank 18689

VK 30.01 H reclassed to MT:
Tank 2577

VK 30.01 P reclassed to HT:
Tank 7185
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Imager - image to schematic converter for Minecraft

Posted on 2020-04-14 20:51

Good news everyone!
Imager for minecraft is finally ready!

This converter allows you to upload an image (max 1 million pixels) and select direction, and creates an appropriate schematic. You can then paste that schematic in-game using WorldEdit, display using Schematica, etc!

Try it out at minecraft/imager

Here is an example:

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WoT - Calendar of monthly events (Apr 20)

Posted on 2020-04-02 17:33

Hello Dankers!

Calendar of events for April is already here!

Top of the Tree - 60TP
Extra Crew Experience
EU Birthday Special
Happy Tuesdays
and more!
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WoT - MoE image generator #16

Posted on 2020-03-27 19:04

I've added some new tanks to the generator:

Tank 60225

Char Futur 4:
Tank 60481

And a lot of Frontline rentals, but they are useless here.

The big update is coming, but not yet ready to go live.
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Tiny update

Posted on 2020-02-11 22:27

1. As 179 of You may have noticed, the MoE Generator was down for some time. I didn't see that it still uses the "millis" function, which I removed while cleaning the site. I'm really sorry for that.
2. I am preparing something big for Minecraft, but it needs a bit of work yet. Not gonna spoil any details! 😉
3. MoE Generator is scheduled for recoding in the nearest (few years maybe 😅) future.
4. More tiny changes and enchancements of entire website are coming soon, too.
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